Awesome October for Gottie

This October Gotti Briganti rocked Spinning Needle Tattoo Studio with several amazing tattoos. He did a watercolor bonsai tree, in his signature colorful geometric style. He also tattooed a double outline overlay, black and red Native American chief and bear.

“I love my newest tattoo,” said Ryan Grounds. “It was special to me for many reasons. It featured my spirit animal and I am Native American so it connects me to my ancestors.”

Gotti also touched up one of his award-winning pieces, a portrait of Edward Scissor Hands. He also progressed a watercolor ram, for longtime client Mike Cason.

“I wanted the ram because it represents a special day in my life. It’s what I would call a large cover up and I gave Gotti full reign. I basically let Gotti do what he does best, tattoo true art,” said Cason. “This is my third tattoo from Gotti and I get more compliments on his work than any other tattoos I have,” said Cason.