Loyal Clients’ Breed Amazing Tattoos- artbygotti.com

14604870_1139355599483479_3455248020458418647_n-1Award winning tattoo artist Gotti Briganti’s clients are not your everyday tattoo enthusiasts. Most of them are dedicated tattoo collectors who keep coming back to Gotti, not only for his amazing tattoos but for his outgoing and enthusiastic personality.

Gotti tattoos at Spinning Needle Tattoo Studio, at the North end of the Fort Worth Stockyards. He is proficient in many different styles of art, including his signature free-form geometric watercolor style, which is inspiring the Texas tattoo industry.

“This is my 3rd tattoo from Gotti and I get more compliments on his work than any other tattoos I have,” said Mike Cason, longtime Gotti client. “That speaks for itself considering I have about 30 tattoos including cover-ups.”

Gotti offers clients unique tattoos at affordable prices and the opportunity to enter their custom  tattoos into tattoo competitions. Gotti has received numerous awards for his tattoos, including first place for Medium Color at the 2016 Galveston Tattoo Convention.

“Art is passion in general,” said Gotti. “I create art that speaks to me and has relevance to the clients as well. There are a certain peace and comfort to creating art on God’s most precious canvas.”

Gotti’s clients are extremely loyal and will keep coming back time and time again.

“I plan on getting more ink from Gotti,” said Cason. “I have a memorial tattoo for a past pet that had a tragic death and I want him to do a piece in watercolor.”