Ink Mechanix Celebrates Friday the 13th

Undergrounds Consulting also provided news stories that can be featured online or be submitted to other news sources to get picked up. I will visit the day of the event, take great photos and cover the event in its entirety.

“On January 13, 2016, Ink Mechanix Tattoo Studio, located in the Fort Worth Stockyards had a Friday the 13th special. The artist at the shop gave over 200 tattoos and piercings and the shop were packed with anxious clients looking to get pierced and tattooed.

20170113_182626_resizedGroups of customers gathered at Ink Mechanix from the time the shop opened until it closed. The lobby was filled with anxious customers and the humming of all the tattoo machines filled the air like a swarm of hummingbirds. The smell of green soap filled the air as sweat dripped off the brows of the busy artists.

“It has been busy since we opened today,” said Jena Terronez, tattoo artists at Ink Mechanix. “I have given so many tattoos today that I lost track of how many I have done.”

Many of Ink Mechanix’s customers wait for Friday the 13th each year so that they can get some new ink at the special discount pricing.

“My friends and I got here right when they opened and we all got matching tattoos,” said Allen Sturgeon, Ink Mechanix customer. “We all got roman numeral thirteens written in zombie’s fingers.”

Ink Mechanix has become known for their Friday the 13th specials and will be continuing the tradition for the rest of 2017.”