World Class Piercer Joins Undergrounds Consulting LLC.

Professional piercer Megan Z Malone has now joined the ever growing team of world class body modification artists at Undergrounds Consulting LLC. Megan joins her husband Trey English on the team and is impressed with her new site.

As a professional piercer, Megan offered a new direction for her site. Manager of Undergrounds Consulting Ryan Grounds, wanted her website to reflect her unique style and elegance while showing her amazing skill with a piercing needle.

“I feel like we have a great start to this truly unique website,” said Grounds. “I wanted to showcase her talents and  her unique personality in an effort to not only connect her with new customers but to maintain a personal relationship with previous customers.”

In the tattoo industry on average, repeat business makes up almost 60% of an artists yearly income. That means that customer retention is a must if artists want to book steady appointments throughout the year.

“Megan is a welcome addition to Undergrounds Consulting,” said Grounds. “We will stand behind her and support her digital needs whenever and however we can.” 

Welcome to the team, Megan.