World Class Piercer Joins Undergrounds Consulting LLC.

Professional piercer Megan Z Malone has now joined the ever growing team of world class body modification artists at Undergrounds Consulting LLC. Megan joins her husband Trey English on the team and is impressed with her new site. As a professional piercer, Megan offered a new direction for her site. Manager of Undergrounds Consulting Ryan Grounds, wanted [...]

Ink Mechanix Celebrates Friday the 13th

Undergrounds Consulting also provided news stories that can be featured online or be submitted to other news sources to get picked up. I will visit the day of the event, take great photos and cover the event in its entirety. "On January 13, 2016, Ink Mechanix Tattoo Studio, located in the Fort Worth Stockyards had a [...]

Loyal Clients’ Breed Amazing Tattoos-

Award winning tattoo artist Gotti Briganti’s clients are not your everyday tattoo enthusiasts. Most of them are dedicated tattoo collectors who keep coming back to Gotti, not only for his amazing tattoos but for his outgoing and enthusiastic personality. Gotti tattoos at Spinning Needle Tattoo Studio, at the North end of the Fort Worth Stockyards. He [...]

Awesome October for Gottie

This October Gotti Briganti rocked Spinning Needle Tattoo Studio with several amazing tattoos. He did a watercolor bonsai tree, in his signature colorful geometric style. He also tattooed a double outline overlay, black and red Native American chief and bear. “I love my newest tattoo,” said Ryan Grounds. “It was special to me for many [...]