Adventurer Painter, This Fort Worth artist gets paid to travel National Parks and paint nature.

Dennis Farris spends his days photographing, painting, and discovering Mother Nature while making more than a pretty penny. The 51-year-old Kansas City native and his wife ViVi share a two-acre lot in East Fort Worth that includes a large house, a swimming pool, and a small house that Farris doubles as his art studio. He [...]

Brandon Albus is a Black and Grey Master

As an administrator of, it is my job to keep his tattoo portfolio updated and current on a biweekly basis. "Black and Grey tattoo master Brandon Albus presents you with his stunning portfolio. His creativity and ability to hide images inside of other images are unparalleled. His use of imagination and attention to detail [...]

Loyal Clients’ Breed Amazing Tattoos-

Award winning tattoo artist Gotti Briganti’s clients are not your everyday tattoo enthusiasts. Most of them are dedicated tattoo collectors who keep coming back to Gotti, not only for his amazing tattoos but for his outgoing and enthusiastic personality. Gotti tattoos at Spinning Needle Tattoo Studio, at the North end of the Fort Worth Stockyards. He [...]